Here at HB Catering & Refrigeration, we like to stay at the cutting edge of innovations in catering equipment and services. But while we can ensure equipment is installed correctly, serviced and maintained on a regular basis, we cannot take any credit for the way in which many restaurants make the best use of their equipment and facilities to create a remarkable and memorable experience for customers.

As you might expect, our employees are keen foodies; whether on the job or relaxing in their spare time. The HB Catering team have a great sense of where to find the best local eateries – which is a topic often covered in our staff canteen.

Since COVID, many restaurant owners have been required to make fresh changes to the way they work and it has been a delight to see so many working hard in the local area for us to enjoy. So much so that we’ve made a list of our favourite restaurants in the region – and we’ve decided to share it.

We hope you find it interesting and informative. If you feel you are doing something cool and currently not on the list, please let us know. We will be happy to update!

The Secret Beach Bar & Kitchen

The Secret Beach Bar & Kitchen is one of Swansea’s most popular spots and boasts a spectacular view of the beachfront whilst dining. In combination with the unmatched views, the menu – curated by its own chefs – involves a contemporary mix of modern British cuisine and deliciously authentic Welsh dishes.

It seems that regardless of the volume of customers, great food and great service is always on show at The Secret Bar & Kitchen. At its busiest on a warm summer’s day, you can ensure a cold, thirst-quenching beverage from this venue with plenty of refrigeration. They’ve definitely got their priorities right!

For those who like value for money, the hearty portions are worth every penny, not to mention the tastes! The decision to cater to those with gluten, dairy and nut allergies means that there is an efficient use of preparation space within the kitchen area, ensuring no allergy risks. This venue is the ideal destination after a long walk across the beachfront, and you won’t be disappointed.

Lezzet Authentic Restaurant
By day, Lezzet resembles a roadside café – and that’s because it is! The fry-up breakfast they serve gets a big thumbs up from our team for its generous servings and all-round tastiness. By night, this venue is transformed: alfresco dining in a rambling but well-maintained outdoor seating area is complemented by a quirky indoor seating area, overlooking the open kitchens which serve delicious Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes are cooked in stone ovens or charcoal grills for a real authentic taste – and there’s also live music events to liven up the great atmosphere.

Lezzet Authentic Restaurant is a great example of maximising the potential of a small space and – as it says in the name – creating something authentic! Check out the Pides (traditional Turkish pizza) and Effs beer for a real taste of Turkish cuisine.

Smoke Haus
One thing is for sure: Smoke Haus takes its meat seriously! It prides itself on offering a traditional Southern-American barbecue menu worlds apart from your barbecues in the garden. The dishes hit customers with a rich, deep, smoky flavour that can only be produced by slow-cooking meat over a real wood fire following overnight marination. The flavour and smoke are deeply infused into the meat and leave diners with a sumptuous and authentic taste of real American BBQ. Smoke Haus is also making waves with technology, being one of the first restaurants to use an AI booking system and a jukebox controlled by customer smartphones.

If you like a challenge, check out the Wing Wednesday all-you-can eat offer!

Tafarn Morlais
If you’re looking for a tasty traditional pub menu, a great selection of real ales and the friendly atmosphere of your local pub – look no further than Tafarn Morlais in Llanelli. Boasting the number 1 top spot on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Llanelli, it offers top-quality pub grub at an affordable price, along with fantastic customer service.

Also on offer is a Sunday Carvery, along with a takeaway menu so you can enjoy its tasty dishes from the comfort of your home too. Tafarn Morlais also has a beautiful sun-trapped beer garden with plenty of seating for summer evenings, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Hollol Gymraeg
When you think of petrol stations, high quality dining experiences isn’t often the feature that springs to mind – but the Oil 4 Wales filling station in Nantycaws has thrown the rule book out of the window when it comes to providing motorists and visitors with fantastic quality Welsh produce and great tasting meals.

The venue has recently undergone a big transformation with a new bar fitted, an impressive new menu and selection of ales to match, which will be served in Oil 4 Wales’ branded restaurant, Hollol Gymraeg. With bilingual service, stunning views of the Black Mountains, and a range of local Welsh food and produce for sale, this filling station is taking service one step beyond and giving visitors a true taste of Wales.

The Plough and Harrow
Don’t let the size of its kitchen fool you, this restaurant in Murton is an award-winning eating adventure.

The Plough and Harrow use local Welsh ingredients from local suppliers and mix them with international flavours to create some truly unique dishes – from Mediterranean salads mixed with Gower new potatoes to racks of Welsh lamb marinated in Naga yogurt. They offer a sophisticated menu with an array of intriguing flavours that will excite any fan of fine dining.

The restaurant’s collection of awards includes Best Gastropub in Wales 2018 and 27th Best Gastropub in the UK 2019; proving that any kitchen, no matter the size, can innovate and use its equipment and space to create an excellent culinary experience.

Shaking up the takeaway scene with its unique spices and traditional Portuguese flavours, Frango isn’t your standard takeaway shop.

Inspired by tradition, culture and family recipes, Frango is bringing the taste of old town Lisbon to Uplands, Swansea. Following the traditional Frango recipe and process passed down over generations, the chicken is marinated in a secret sauce, then charcoal grilled over open flames for authentic char and spice, served traditionally with a side of chips, rice or salad. This is the most popular dish served at Frango, with 4 different levels of spice to suit any palate. Also on offer is a selection of wraps and burgers with its tasty chicken, and some vegan options too.


Located a few doors down from Frango, you can find the BrewStone bar and restaurant. Built from two dilapidated houses in Uplands, this space has undergone a stylish renovation, transforming it into an innovative and bold environment for hospitality – complete with a fully-equipped kitchen.

Starting from 8am, the kitchen serves a breakfast, lunch and evening menu offering a wide range of delicious dishes cooked with the best local ingredients from across Wales. Pizzas cooked in its famous wood-fired oven, mouth-watering small pots of seafood tapas and overnight slow-cooked lamb shoulder are just some of the exciting eats on its menu.

In the evening, the venue morphs into an industrial-style copper bar offering a selection of tasty and creative cocktails, ideal for hosting birthdays and networking events.

Gower Seafood Hut

An award-winning seafood restaurant, operating from a horsebox! This is another great example of a restaurant utilising a small space to its full potential, serving superbly cooked seafood locally sourced from Swansea and Gower where possible. Crispy chilli prawns, whitebait, calamari; this horsebox in Mumbles offers it all, demonstrating a perfect example of innovation in the kitchen.

We highly recommend visiting this unique location to try the best fish Wales has to offer and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenes of the Promenade in Mumbles while you’re there.

The Touring Tea Room

Much like Gower Seafood Hut, this eatery operates outside the traditional restaurant space and provides refreshing teas and coffees, freshly-baked cakes and other tasty treats from a vintage caravan. Operating outdoors in a portable facility may have its challenges, but well-equipped kitchens have always proved they can overcome these issues.

You can visit this quirky, uncommon tea room in the beautiful Clyne Gardens – making for a truly tranquil day out.

Salty’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

If you’re visiting Tenby, this venue should definitely be your first choice for a bite to eat. Located on the incredible South Beach in Tenby, Salty’s Beach Bar & Restaurant will transport you to the Mediterranean while dining out on the beach-side decking.

The kitchen is in view from the bar area inside and manages to incorporate all of the amenities needed to deliver its high-quality meals for the restaurant, as well as providing takeaway meals for on-site takeaway, The Salted Shack.

The live music and sea views provide an unrivaled experience, combining a gorgeous setting with quality wine and high-end meals. The chefs take traditional, locally sourced catch like mackerel, cockles and lobster incorporate unique and dazzling flavours to accompany it.