Our hotline for help and advice is: 01792 310255.

As restaurants, pubs and other catering facilities start to reopen following a lengthy period of closure, experts are warning of the potential hidden dangers of using certain equipment after a lengthy break, while suggesting owners should also check if key accreditations and certifications remain valid.

Owners and managers reopening facilities after an enforced period of closure should diligently check and test equipment. To help our clients manage this challenge, we have launched a hotline that companies can call to check if certain types of equipment need to be checked and seek advice about the correct procedure to restart it.

We have launched our helpline with the specific aim of helping companies struggling to ensure their operations are able to reopen safely and efficiently. Specific equipment such as combination ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators including walk-in units, ice machines, dishwashers, bar equipment and coffee machines should ideally be checked and tested before use.

Equally, gas kit may have perished seals, ice machines and wash ware can develop harmful bacteria and many types of equipment require maintenance checks after a period of inaction. These include gas interlock systems and extraction canopies.

The advice comes on top of the many other adjustments that owners will need to make, due to restrictions on trading relating to social distancing measures and hygiene. But the importance of cleaning, checking, maintaining and restarting equipment should not be understated.

Equally, the down period in the operations of many businesses may also have led to gaps and oversights emerging in the necessary training and accreditation. Just some of the key certifications required by most catering operations include a CP42 Gas Safety Certificate and suitable training or accreditations around food hygiene standards.

Our hotline for help and advice is: 01792 310255. A helpful guide detailing a checklist for reopening premises is also available on the Food Standards Agency website and can be found here. A booklet has also been designed by CEDA in conjunction with service partners and distributors to give a guide to reopening kitchens after shut down, which can be found here.

Kyle James, our Compliance and Installation Manager, said:

“Commercial catering operations have endured an incredibly challenging period. But as they start to reopen, we want to ensure they avoid some of the hidden dangers that can exist when using equipment that has been dormant for a long period of time.

“We are more than happy to advise over the phone or come and conduct a thorough audit in person at the premises. Having come this far, the last thing most businesses want is another setback where equipment fails, is faulty, or, in a worse-case scenario, even makes a customer unwell.”