Coffee #1 – Welsh Back

We’ve had a great, longstanding relationship with Coffee #1, we’ve supplied and installed a wide range of products at multiple sites across the UK. Each site had a similar specification in terms of product and layout, which includes a large bespoke dishwasher area, tabling and sinks. In terms of refrigeration equipment, Coffee #1 sites have utilised our vast choice of refrigeration solutions by incorporating chest freezers, display fridges, upright and under-counter fridges or freezers to store their stock.

We were also responsible for supplying and installing appliances like microwaves, panini machines, water boilers, blenders and toasters at all stores, as well as shelving and fly killers. We are extremely pleased with the result at every new Coffee #1 store, of which we have been involved with over 50 and hope this relationship will continue in the future.