Lincat Lynx 400 LSF Electric Counter Top Fryer


The 2.5kW Lynx 400 Slimline Electric Counter Top Fryer might be small, but it’s sturdy too. Built to last, the fryer is designed to plug in and play, which means that you’ll be producing perfect fried chips in no time at all. Making maximum use of minimum space, it’s ideal for when space is at a premium. The fryer is also thermostatically controlled to give better and more consistent cooking results. Stainless steel tanks and nickel plated baskets make for easy cleaning, while the safety thermostat prevents overheating for added safety. Whether you’re cooking in a bar, a cafe or a pub, the Lynx 400 Electric Counter Top Fryer will not let you down.

Product description

  • Small footprint for where space is at a premium or great as a standby fryer for specialist applications
  • Removable control head to aid easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Thermostatically controlled to give better and more consistent cooking results
  • Safety thermostat to prevent overheat
  • Removable stainless steel tank and batter plate for easy cleaning
  • Comes with batter plate to allow open frying
  • Nickel plated baskets for easy cleaning
  • Plug and play for an easy installation
  • Unit Height (External) mm 315
    Unit Width (External) mm 184
    Unit Depth (External) mm 417


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