Innovation in the kitchen: 11 local restaurants going above and beyond

Here at HB Catering & Refrigeration, we like to stay at the cutting edge of innovations in catering equipment and services. But while we can ensure equipment is installed correctly, serviced and maintained on a regular basis, we cannot take any credit for the way in which many restaurants make the best use of their equipment and facilities to create a remarkable and memorable experience for customers. As you might expect, our employees are keen foodies; whether on the job or relaxing in t...
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Top 10 Hazards in a commercial kitchen

Whether you are a business owner, chef or kitchen assistant, it is important to understand the risks and hazards associated with commercial kitchens. Hazards exist in all workplaces and commercial facilities - in every industry. In fact, workplace injuries are far more common than one might think, especially in the kitchen. Common injuries include fractures, open wounds, burns and cuts; with young, usually inexperienced staff being most at risk. Workplace safety is essent...
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Proud to launch a new equipment hire offering

We are delighted to unveil some important changes in our offering in response to client demand in light of challenging trading conditions. We are rolling out a new equipment hire offering to complement our existing services. We are responding to short-term demand from clients who are grappling with the challenges posed by COVID-19, including lockdowns and social distancing measures, as well as longer-term trends around the launch of more temporary and flexible catering ...
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