Gram Compact K420RG Stainless Steel Upright Refrigerator


  • Air circulation system
  • Right hand hinged reversible door
  • Integrated full height door handle
  • 5 white shelves (with tilt prevention)
  • Door lock for extra security
  • Pedal door opener for handsfree operation (optional accessory)
  • Automatic defrost with re-evaporation of defrost water
  • Low sound level of just 34.5 dB(A)
  • Future proof hydro carbon model
  • 10 year spare parts availability guaranteed

Product description

COMPACT K 420 models not only comply with the EU Ecodesign labelling regulation, but ranking in energy efficiency class B makes these refrigerators the most energy efficient compact models in the marketplace.

Correct and uniform temperature throughout the cabinet is critically important for a food storage cabinet. GRAM COMPACT provides this with a unique ventilated air distribution system and a strong refrigeration system with sufficient refrigeration capacity. It also has approximately 70% more insulation than a bottle cooler.

COMPACT has an efficient refrigeration system and is approved to endure up to 30°C ambient temperature (climate class 4). It further offers low heat emission with minimal compressor running time thanks to a refrigeration system with surplus capacity.

With their foot print of 59.5cm (W) x 64.2cm (D) x 190.0cm (H), these small space storage cabinets are easy to fit in especially when space is of a premium.


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